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About Concerto Designs

After many years working as a Web Developer and Producer for large and small Web Companies, I decided to build my own business around a different kind of client relationship. It's really very simple: I want my clients to have full control over their websites. That means business owners update their company website whenever marketing demands it; content changes rapidly to reflect a growing business, industry updates, or new products/services; calendars and events modules tell your consumers the latest news; coupons, specials and seasonal work ads are there when you need them, and much more. In short, your website is managed and updated by you and your staff, the people who know your business best.

Other web companies keep on charging you after the website is launched, invoicing for updates, changes, new content - in short, after you have paid for your website, you have to pay to use the things that make your website a great marketing tool. That's like buying car and having to pay a fee every time you start your engine. At Concerto Designs we don't think that's smart business. We want to build successful, flexible and dynamic websites for satisfied clients. And we think that means spending time customizing design and features to match your business needs and growth. Once we've developed a site that has the innovation and flexibility to meet your current needs and grow with you in the future, we give you direct control over your website. Here's how it works.

At Concerto Designs, we work together to develop a customized design and plan for your website that includes the features you need for your marketing strategies. We spend a lot of time mapping out the best digital tools for your marketing needs: downloadable pdfs, image galleries, updatable calendars, news modules, e-commerce capabilities, SEO strategies, and more. Once we have a design and site plan in place, I code and develop the site. And then I train the people on your end who will be responsible for managing the website - Joomla makes the process user friendly and simple, no more complicated than word processing or sending e-mail attachments. I include ample training time so that as you get going on your own, I'm here for support and further help. With your own people in charge of your website, you have a dynamic marketing tool that keeps pace with your company's growth and direction. And I have another satisfied client. It's what Concerto Designs is all about. One business providing innovative solutions to another business. It's a business model that builds a different client relationship. We spend our time learning to understand your business, planning a site that responds to your specific goals, customizing your design and digital presence to reflect your company's marketing strategies and training you to take it all over.

I first began work with Content Management Solutions with the development of a large portal site for a community organizer in Northeast Minneapolis. This project, which included fiver templates and bridges to many platforms such as phpBB and Wordpress, became a laboratory for exploring the possibilities of Joomla. As Lead Programmer for Karma Marketing and Media, (St. Cloud, MN), I specialized in Joomla e-commerce and e-marketing sites. Karma integrated the industry's best SEO strategies with Joomla's content management functionality. In July of 2007, I began work as Web Producer at Weblease USA. Weblease provides search engine-optimized,, e-marketing websites to samll and medium sized organizations throughout the US and Canada. Custom designed and hand-coded, Weblease sites also feature tableless layouts. Responsible for project management, SEO/marketing consulting and technical/coding support, I worked with hundreds of clients ranging from attorneys and financial services to large general contractors, manufacturers and non-profit organizations. Eventually, my position evolved to Web Developer as well. Whenever project specs required complex navigation, challenging design implementations (transparencies, etc.) or customized javascript applications, I hand coded the entire site. In addition, I ensured cross-browser compatibility. I have also worked as Lead Developer for The Dream Foundry, a Minneapolis company with affiliates on the east and west coasts.