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Seven Ways Joomla Builds Success

A well-built Joomla CMS (Content Management System) web design not only gives you access to and complete control over your site's content and images, it also is a powerful tool for reaching out to current and potential audiences for your company or organization. Here are seven ways that illustrate how this happens:

  1. Better page ranking through content.  CMS web designs are updated more often, and search engines (especially Google) reward sites with updated and fresh content. The higher your ranking in major keyword searches, the more people will find you. And up-to-date content and images create a dynamic marketing tool for your company. You control the message and the medium - a winning combo for marketing.
  2. Better page ranking through structural SEO: Our Joomla sites allow you to easily configure and manage page titles, meta information, alt tags, urls and other structural features that are critical for a successful SEO campaign. Your SEO will always be matched to your marketing and business growth. And you never have to pay an SEO specialist to improve your ranking.
  3. Internal linking: Google encourages site owners to use internal linking that supplements fixed navigation systems. Our custom content editor (aka WYSIWYG) makes linking to articles, components or other parts of your web site a snap! With these links, users navigate your website easily and efficiently, and that's good for business.
  4. Tags: We're hooked on K2 in Joomla not just because it's the coolest CCK (Content Creation Kit) on the planet, but also because it makes tagging and the use of tag clouds so easy. Auto completion? You betcha! Filter categories? Oh yeah! Proven results? Always!
  5. Bloggle Heads: Interested in blogging? Our CMS sites give you lots of options ranging from full-featured Wordpress-style blogs with comments and user profiles to no fuss/muss 'blog'-layouts. They all share one thing in common: blog are great for telling a story that reaches audiences effectively.
  6. Social Media: Digital empires are built on networks with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, YouTube, to name a handful. Joomla CMS platforms have tons of brilliant ways to integrate your social media sites into your web site. You connect with more people - with a lot less effort!
  7. Site Maps: Okay, this is a bit technical, but you need to know that our sites all come with automatic site map generators built according to Google's exacting criteria. Providing an accurate, updated site map is a real competitive advantage, and - best of all - you don't have to lift a finger.