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Easy Profile User Fields: Notify Admins on Updates

    For many years, I have been using Easy Profile, a component that extends Joomla's user management by adding custom fields, front-editing, configuring ACL for search/viewing and so forth.

    One missing feature is a notification email sent automatically whenever a user updates one of their fields on the front-end.

    There is a solution posted on the Easy Profile support forum, but the information is scattered across several posts and is not entirely consistent.

    Basically the documented steps are:

    1. install a blank JSN plugin called 'skeleton'
    2. replace the code in the skeleton.php file with a function and parameters (see download link belkow that contains everything).

    Be sure to replace the dummy email addresses. You can add more emails to the array - just observe the syntax (enclosed in single quotes, separated by comma outside quote).

    The plugin will send a bare bones email with the updated field.

    I am working on a version that will show all the fields including the updated field.

    You can download the plugin with the code here:

    Just install it via the Joomla installer. This has not been tested in Joomla 4.